Meet the Game Changers

Join us on our journey into the international world of FinTech in the following preview clips from the film.

Thomas Davies
Chief Investment Officer Seeders, talks about the difference between crowd funding, peer-to-peer lending and equity funding as well as the important role of trust in the new FinTech market.

Brett King
Founder & CEO, Moven Bank; Radio Host, Breaking Bank$; and Author, speaks about how conventional wisdom about financial education is being proved wrong by access to financial tools on mobile devices, how small is a big advantage for start ups, and the role that bank accounts could play in eliminating poverty.

Maia Heymann
CommonAngels Ventures, discusses how investors think about risk, the power of networks, and why entrepreneurs, who can execute on ideas, are as important as the idea itself for venture capitalists.  

Nektarios Liolios
Startupbootcamp, shares his insight on what he looks for in an entrepreneur and their team, and the five elements he looks for when a start up pitches an idea.

Christian Mouysset
Co-Founder, Hummus Brothers, talks about the way that funding his growing business has changed from traditional banking to new forms of lending that play a more beneficial role in the his business’ success.

Philipp Kalwies
Co-Founder, Decimo, talks about the name of his company, the business model of Decimo and which marketing tools can make your company more popular. 

Tim Kunde
Co-Founder of Friensurance, shares his experience of launching a start up, the inspiration behind Friendsurance and how it works.


Valentin Stalf
Founder and CEO, of Number 26 talks about what is behind the name of the company, the core idea of the business and their commitment to innovate banking in the 21st century.

Angelique Schouten
CMO Ohpen, discusses the fight for talent in the Netherlands, the golden-cage of the traditional banking industry, and the standards of the consumers that drive the ideas of FinTech.


Thomas Bloch and Oliver Vins
Co-Founders, Vaamo, tell us about their inspiration to start Vaamo, their ideal customers, and making Frankfurt the headquarter for Vaamo.